Past Events

May 17, 2022

Dr. Lynn Nadel | University of Arizona
Brain Development and the Emergence of Learning and Memory in Humans and Other Animals

April 16, 2019

Dr. Richard Aslin | Haskins Laboratories
Learning and attention in infants: The importance of prediction in development

November 2, 2017

Dr. Robert T. Knight | UC Berkeley
Insights into Human Cognition from Direct Brain Recording

November 10, 2016

Dr. Ellen Bialystok | York University
Lifelong Bilingualism: Reshaping the Mind and Brain

September 17, 2015

Dr. Susan Carey | Harvard University
Concept Acquisition: Beyond Logical Construction and the Building Blocks Model

May 1, 2014

Dr. Ralph Adolphs | Bren Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience, California Institute of Technology
The Social Brain

May 2, 2013

Dr. Michael Gazzaniga | University of California, Santa Barbara
Who’s in Charge?: Free Will and the Science of the Brain

February 13, 2012

Dr. Adrian Owen | University of Western Ontario
When Thoughts Become Actions: Imaging Disorders of Consciousness

April 18, 2011

Dr. Mahzarin R. Banaji | Harvard University
Blindspot: Hidden Biases of Good People

October 8, 2009

Dr. Daniel L. Schacter | Harvard University
Constructive Memory: Remembering the Past and Imagining the Future

April 3, 2009

Dr. Henry L. Roediger, III | Washington University in St. Louis
The Power of Retrieving From Memory: Basic Research and Implications for Educational Practice

October 15, 2007

Dr. Daniel T. Gilbert | Harvard University
Stumbling on Happiness

March 23, 2007

Dr. Robert A. Bjork | University of California, Los Angeles
How We Learn Versus How We Think We Learn: Implications for the Design and Evaluation of Instruction

March 16, 2006

Dr. Elizabeth Loftus | University of California, Irvine
Illusions of Memory